Natalie’s Personal Training Testimonial

Being a university student it's always been hard to stay in shape and eat healthy whilst drinking quite a lot. I preferred to eat junk food regularly and [...]

Dave’s Personal Training Testimonial

I used to be really fit and active, but like most people I found it harder and harder to stay in shape due to a busy lifestyle. It got to the point where every [...]

Sarah’s Personal Training Testimonial

I've always enjoyed staying fit and keeping active but having kids makes it difficult to find time to work out. Before having my son I would regularly go to [...]

Gemma’s Personal Training Testimonial

I was always the one that got caught up in the latest fad diets and miracle weight loss pills. Like many, I had tried to lose weight in loads of different [...]

Lisa’s Personal Training Testimonial

I've been Lisa's Personal Trainer for almost a year and she was kind enough to send me a testimonial, so that you can gain first hand experience of what it's [...]