Creative Fitness Activities

Creative Fitness Activities

It’s admirable that some people pay for a gym membership and then actually go to the gym. They have set the standard and literally made a run for it, while the other 67 percent of those of us with a gym membership, don’t even step through the front doors. More than likely, we 67 percent would rather complete a different hobby that provides the workout without it feeling like forced exercise. We need the proper motivation. If that sounds all too familiar, here are some ways to snap out of the normalcy of a workout routine and find a more creative way to stay fit.


The physical advantages of an activity like bowling might surprise you. While you play, you are swinging your arms, holding a weighted bowling ball, and stretching specific muscles. There is also a good bit of walking that takes place while moving from the ball return to the lane. To increase the advantages, you can try standing during your opponent’s turn and switching up which arm you use to bowl.


Several golf courses around the country are joining in a newer phenomenon called Footgolf. This mixture of soccer and golf requires you to kick a soccer ball to a flag, instead of a goal. Once you understand the simple rules, get some friends together and spend the day outdoors instead of on the couch.

Trampoline Park

Who doesn’t want to spend a few hours on a trampoline? There are several trampoline parks popping up around the country. This is even a great activity to do with the whole family. You can shed some calories and have a blast doing it.

Laser Tag

Walking through mazes, picking teams, hiding from the other team, and searching for your opponents all sounds like the kind of fun that can lead to fulfilling physical activity for the day. This is the perfect kind of game to do with friends or your family.

Disc Golf

If you happen to have some discs, or frisbees, lying around, pack them in your car and research the nearest disc golf course. The course will require a good deal of walking, so make sure you have on comfortable shoes. Aside from all of those steps you will get in, this game will involve accurate and repetitive arm movements in order to throw the disc into the disc catcher.


If you haven’t heard of “doga,” it’s yoga that humans can do with their dogs. But while “downward dog” is a well-known pose, your dog won’t be doing much of the work in a doga session. You’ll be doing poses while getting support from your dog–both physical and moral! The are many benefits to spending time with animals and doga offers yet another option. If you don’t have your own dog, but would like to try doga, become a pet sitter or if you’ve got the yoga skills, volunteer to teach a doga session at a local animal shelter–it will be a great way for the shelter dogs to interact with potential pet parents.


This is the long lost game that you may remember from all of those grill-outs you attended as a kid. Using some rackets, hit the birdie back and forth across a net to score points for your team. This game entails hand-eye coordination practice, rapid arm movements, and leg strengthening.

Roller Skating

If you have great balance, this is the activity for you. Roll your way to a more active lifestyle by strapping on some roller skates at the local roller skating rink. If you wear the proper protective clothing and equipment you can even roll right down the sidewalk in your neighborhood.


Typically this intense dancing workout requires you to go to a gym or a class at a local facility. If you like dancing, though, this activity will definitely not feel like a workout. With upbeat music and the whole room pulsing with rhythmic dance steps, you will definitely feel the workout in more ways than one. If you aren’t interested in going to a gym to take a class, you can also find a few video clips of Zumba routines online and join in the workout from home.

There are always ways to make exercise fun and lifestyle friendly. Create an activity of your own or find a few karate or social dance classes in your local community. Find a creative way to stay fit!