Dave’s Personal Training Testimonial

I used to be really fit and active, but like most people I found it harder and harder to stay in shape due to a busy lifestyle. It got to the point where every day tasks were becoming difficult because I was so unfit. This led to me suffering from high blood pressure and Athritis. I knew that I needed to make a change or things were only going to get worse, so I decided to start going to a local Boxercise class.

I hadn’t done any exercise for years, so I found the Boxercise class very difficult. I found it very challenging and painful to do simple squats and sit ups and this brought home how important it was that I made a change to my lifestyle. I realised at that moment that I really needed to lose some weight and get back in shape.

The person leading the Boxercise class was Phill and he gave me a lot of support and advice during the session. At the end of the class I decided to ask him for help and he said that my Athritis and high blood pressure wouldn’t stop me from being able to lose weight and get back into shape.

I started having 1 Personal Training session with Phill every week where he would put me through a workout and give me some nutritional advice. I call it nutritional advice because it was very different from any diet I’d ever tried. Phill actually recommended good foods for me to eat that helped me lose weight without leaving me tired or hungry. The best part was that they also tasted great and they didn’t take much time to prepare, which made the nutritional plans easy to stick to.

Here is a video of my very first workout with Phill on the 25th of July 2015. As you can see. I’m struggling quite badly to complete even the most basic of exercises…

After that session, I continued to have 1 session a week with Phill and I also did some workouts at home that he recommended. Within just 6 weeks and after just 6 Personal Training sessions, I had lost a massive 22 pounds!!! Here is a video of one of my workouts just 6 weeks after my workout in the previous video…

I never thought that it would be possible to lose 22 pounds and completely change the way I feel after just 6 weeks. My blood pressure is also back to normal and my Athritis feels a lot better than it did before. I can’t thank Phill enough for helping me and I urge you to contact him if you’re thinking about losing weight and getting fit.

Phill helped me to change my life and it really is amazing how much you can achieve in such a short space of time.