Find Personal Trainer Courses in Cardiff

I’ve been a Personal Trainer in Cardiff for over 10 years and I frequently get asked what qualifications and courses need to be completed before someone can start working as a Personal Trainer in Cardiff.

The first step can either be taking up a job in a fitness club or in a gym, or you can begin by taking a course in Personal Training. You can now complete most of the certification process online.

The following websites can be really helpful for people who wish to pursue a career in Personal Training. They not only give you a break down of what certification you will need, but they also discuss where to get them from and some even offer courses that you can complete online…

The first site is: Premier Global

Premier Global is one of the best websites for finding out all the information you need to know about pursuing a career in Personal Training. They also offer Personal Trainer courses in Cardiff and throughout the rest of the UK. These courses are completed through virtual instruction with monitored exams. They have a strong reputation for helping people become qualified as a Personal Trainer in the UK.

The next site is: Discovery Learning at

Discovery Learning is another major source of information for Personal Trainer courses in Cardiff. They have flexible and easy to afford pricing for classes and offer full support for students. They can help you get the training and certification necessary to take your career in Personal Training to the next level.

The third site is: YMCA Fit at

YMCA is a name known throughout the world, mainly because of the hit song “YMCA” that was released back in the 1980’s. They offer a mix of online and class room based training, with sites all over the UK, with a few in Cardiff. They even have an apprenticeship program in which people can get their training for free.

With over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, they are a great source of information, especially if you are limited on funds and qualify for their apprentice program.

There are many different qualifications for Personal Trainers. It takes multiple certificates, experience and training to reach the highest qualifications in the field of Personal Training.

I have been working as a Personal Trainer in Cardiff for over 10 years and I still attend new classes and obtain new fitness qualifications every year. The fitness industry is constantly evolving and it’s really important that you stay up to date with the latest fitness trends if you want to stay on top of your game. I am full qualified in a wide variety of different fitness disciplines and I am always looking to add to my range of skills…

Phillip Parker
Personal Trainer Cardiff