Get a Bikini Body in time for the Summer

Summer is just around the corner, but it’s not too late to get that Bikini Body that you’ve been dreaming about. I can help you get in shape in time for your summer holiday, by helping you lose weight in a safe and comfortable way. My style of Personal Training won’t leave you with nasty stretch marks that are often caused by losing weight too fast.

I can also help you make adjustments to your diet that will help you improve your health, motivation, concentration and energy levels. Dieting isn’t about cutting out all of the foods that you love and starving yourself into the dress size of your dreams. It’s about making lots of small changes that give your body the fuel it needs without leaving you tired or hungry.

I am a Personal Trainer in Cardiff and I am waiting for your call. I can help you change your life and give you the tools you need to look great this summer. There’s no time like the present because tomorrow may never come. There’s not much time left before the summer sun arrives, so give me a call and lets get to work. If you’re serious about looking great this summer, now is the time to start. It’s time to fill up Facebook and your photo albums with pictures that you can be proud of.

You can even cut the cost of my services in half by training with a friend or partner…

I’ll train you and a friend for the same cost as a single session. This means that Personal Training is affordable for everyone. Now you and your friends can get in shape and look great this summer.

I can even train you in your own home if travelling to a gym is too much hassle.

By training in your own home and splitting the cost of a Personal Trainer with a friend or family member, there really is no excuse not to get in shape this summer.

Pick up the phone and give me a call or drop me an email to find out more about how I can help you change your life…

Phillip Parker
Personal Trainer Cardiff