Lisa’s Personal Training Testimonial

I’ve been Lisa’s Personal Trainer for almost a year and she was kind enough to send me a testimonial, so that you can gain first hand experience of what it’s like to be trained by me.

Lisa approached me just under a year ago and wanted me to help her get fit and lose weight. We then put together a 12 month fitness and nutrition plan that would help her get fit and achieve her personal fitness goals without leaving her tired or hungry.

Whenever you start to lose weight, it’s really important that you do it naturally and in the right way. There are all kinds of ways to lose weight fast, but fast methods of losing weight will often leave your skin permanently scarred with nasty stretch marks. My fitness and nutrition plans are free with my Personal Training sessions and they ensure that you lose weight in the safest and healthiest way possible. You won’t be left with any nasty scars, but you will feel stronger, healthier and more confident!

Here’s what Lisa had to say…

I have been fortunate to have Phill as my Personal Trainer for the last 11 months. In this time, I have had weekly sessions and have felt stronger in my physical health and my well being has improved a lot. Phill has also helped me boost my self-esteem.

I was really nervous when I first started because I’ve had bad experiences with Personal Trainers in the past. Luckily, I was instantly put at ease, because from the first session Phill has been nothing but kind, understanding and very supportive in helping me achieve my goals. My main goals have been to lose weight and get fitter and Phill has definitely helped me achieve both of those goals!

Phill is very passionate about fitness and helping people. He is always happy to give me advice and he never makes me feel stupid when I ask him questions about health or fitness.

Phill is very easy going and friendly and his personality creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere during training sessions. He makes every workout session challenging and different, which makes training even more fun!

Phill has pushed me when I needed pushing and he also identifies when I’m struggling and adjusts training sessions accordingly.

Since training with Phill I have lost a lot of weight and shaved inches off my waist line! This has given me more confidence and it motivates me to keep up with my weekly sessions, so that I can become even fitter!

I’d like to thank Phill for helping me become a better me! I’d also like to thank him for helping me get fit and for improving my health. He kept me motivated and he made it a lot easier to lose weight than I thought it would be.

I still look forward to my weekly sessions with Phill and I will continue to work with him so that I can continue to become fitter, healthier and stronger!



If you’d like to find out more about my Personal Training sessions in Cardiff, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I enjoy helping people achieve all kinds of Fitness goals, so it really doesn’t matter whether you’re super fit or if you’ve never set foot inside a gym before.

Phillip Parker
Personal Trainer Cardiff