Natalie’s Personal Training Testimonial

Being a university student it’s always been hard to stay in shape and eat healthy whilst drinking quite a lot. I preferred to eat junk food regularly and didn’t particularly care about my figure, or so I thought… I soon came to realise that I had ballooned from a size 8/10 to a size 12/14 and from around 9 stone to 11 stone 4lbs in January 2015. It took one photo for me to see the damage I had done to my body and I realised that I had to make a change to my lifestyle.

From January to July, I managed to get myself down to 10 stone 7lbs, which took a lot of effort because I struggled to find the motivation to work out regularly and stick to a good diet. In July I decided that I needed help from a professional and that’s when I found Phill.

I realised in my very first session that Phill was the right person to help me. It was clear that he had a lot of knowledge in fitness and nutrition and he took the time to understand my needs. I wanted to get down from a size 12 to a size 8 and also tone up whilst building strength. As a person, Phill is someone you can have a laugh with whilst working out so it makes you look forward to your sessions.

Phill changes the exercises every week so that my body doesn’t get used to the same tedious workouts and this also tests my fitness levels. I found at the beginning my fitness was terrible and I would need breaks every few minutes, but nowadays I need a lot less breaks.

Another improvement that Phill has made is my strength. I have always had weak arms which are not toned. This has now changed completely thanks to Phill building my strength.
My weight when I started with Phill was 10 stone 4lbs. I now weigh at 8 stone 9lbs. Phill has helped me change my life and outlook. I no longer want to slack off the gym for a Domino’s or a night of binge drinking. I’m now focused on conquering my body and I’m well on my way to getting it into the best shape it’s ever been in.

Natalie from Cardiff