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It’s admirable that some people pay for a gym membership and then actually go to the gym. They have set the standard and literally made a run for it, while the other…

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Being a university student it’s always been hard to stay in shape and eat healthy whilst drinking quite a lot. I preferred to eat junk food regularly and didn’t particularly care about my figure,…

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I used to be really fit and active, but like most people I found it harder and harder to stay in shape due to a busy lifestyle. It got to the point where every…

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I’ve always enjoyed staying fit and keeping active but having kids makes it difficult to find time to work out. Before having my son I would regularly go to the gym after work and…

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I was always the one that got caught up in the latest fad diets and miracle weight loss pills. Like many, I had tried to lose weight in loads of different ways, without ever…

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Summer is just around the corner, but it’s not too late to get that Bikini Body that you’ve been dreaming about. I can help you get in shape in time for your summer holiday,…

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Would you like to earn a free Personal Training session in Cardiff?

Eating the right foods and keeping fit improves your mood, energy levels and concentration. Living a healthy lifestyle also strengthens your immune system…

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Getting into shape can be a real challenge at times. In the average life in Cardiff, it can be a challenge to keep on track with your fitness goals or plans. Personal Trainer Cardiff…

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Cut the cost of a Personal Trainer in half with Phill Parker’s Group Personal Trainer Cardiff service.

It’s always more fun working out with a friend or partner. So if you know someone with similar…

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Processed convenience foods are bad for you because they are packed full of Sugar. Did you know that eating foods that contain a lot of Sugar is one of the fastest ways to put…

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