Personal Trainer Insurance In Cardiff

I work as a Personal Trainer in Cardiff and I often get asked about the type of insurance that is required to work as a Personal Trainer in the UK.

No matter how well prepared you are, or how much experience you have, things can always go wrong and accidents are apart of life. Personal Trainer insurance protects both the Personal Trainer and their clients. Imagine if you had a client out at a park and they fell due to the ground being slippery from rain. They can sue you if they become injured. The responsibility falls on the Personal Trainer to ensure the environment is safe. You cannot accident proof nature and the client cannot sue the rain, so the Personal Trainer is held responsible for the accident. Personal Trainers who work without Insurance risk losing everything, because they would be held personally liable for any costs and damages they would have to pay if one of their clients were to injure themselves.

Where to get Personal Trainer Insurance in Cardiff…

There are a wide range of flexible insurance policies that cover you no matter where you work as a Personal Trainer in the UK. There are also several companies that offer a wide variety of insurance policies to cover different types of Personal Training. A simple search online will bring up a few pages of suitable companies. You can also find several websites containing reviews for the top insurance providers.

The Best Personal Trainer Insurance Companies in Cardiff…

Markel Direct is a large company that offers high end coverage and affordable rates for all types of Personal Trainers. They offer a wide range of insurance policies that are suitable for independent trainers as well as those that work at a gym.

FitPro is another highly acclaimed insurance company that offers Personal Trainer insurance in the UK. Their plans are as flexible as their customers and they can be tailored to fit your needs.

Do you need Insurance to be able to work as a Personal Trainer in Cardiff?

UK legislation states that you must have insurance if you want to work as a Personal Trainer in the UK. When working in a field where you will be dealing with people, insurance against accidents is nearly always required. Even if you do everything right, it is still possible that people can move wrong and injure themselves. Accidents happen all the time and while it may not be the fault of the trainer, the trainer will often still need to pay for damages and loss of earnings.

Phillip Parker
Personal Trainer Cardiff