My Junior Boxercise Class in Cardiff

Boxercise is a great way to keep fit and let off steam! I love incorporating it into my Personal Training sessions and I also hold a couple of weekly Boxercise classes in Cardiff. I run one class for adults and I also run one for kids. I’m one of the few qualified Junior Boxercise Instructors in Cardiff and I love working with children and helping them keep fit!

My Boxercise sessions have built up a loyal following over the last few months and I’ve got a great group of kids that regularly attend my class. This week, one of the children that regularly attends my my class wrote me a letter and it almost brought a tear to my eye! You can see a picture of the letter at the top of this article, but this is what she said:

Dear Phill,

Thankyou for letting me join Boxercise. Your classes are great. I love them.

 Love from


I love my job as a Personal Trainer and receiving letters like this is so rewarding. It really makes the job worthwhile!

Junior Boxercise is a great way for kids to keep fit, learn a few boxing techniques and also let off some of that extra energy that kids seem to have in abundance! If you’d like to find out more about my Personal Training sessions in Cardiff or if you’re interested in Junior Boxercise or any of my other Fitness Classes in Cardiff, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Phillip Parker
Personal Trainer Cardiff