Why Convenience Foods Are Bad For You…

Processed convenience foods are bad for you because they are packed full of Sugar. Did you know that eating foods that contain a lot of Sugar is one of the fastest ways to put on weight? In this article I’m going to show you how processed convenience foods contain a lot more Sugar than normal foods and I’m also going to explain how this can impact your diet and your weight.

Porridge is one of the best foods that you can eat for breakfast, because it contains a lot less Sugar than other cereals and it makes you feel fuller for longer. Over the last few years we’ve seen Porridge convenience foods emerge, with big brands like Quaker Oats and Ready Brek producing single servings of Porridge in convenient pots, where you only have to add water.

Porridge has long been considered a healthy breakfast food, but these new Porridge products contain much higher levels of sugar and salt than traditional Porridge. Take a look at the following example to see for yourself…

Here are the nutritional values for Tesco Value Porridge Oats and a pot of Quaker Oats convenience Porridge…

Tesco Value Porridge
1kg = 75p

Tesco Value Porridge Oats

Tesco Value Porridge Nutritional Information

Tesco Value Porridge Nutritional Information

Quaker Oats So Simple
50g = 99p

Quaker Oats So Simple

Quaker Oats So Simple Nutritional Information

Oats So Simple Nutritional Information



As you can see, the Quaker Oats So Simple Porridge contains 12x times more Sugar than the standard Tesco Value Porridge and it also contains around 11x times more Salt. The sugar and salt contents in the Oats So Simple Porridge is very high and completely unnecessary. The average weight of a tea spoon full of sugar is 4.2g, so you can easily add a tea spoon full of sugar to your traditional porridge and it will still contain less than half the amount of sugar in the convenience porridge.

It’s also worth noting that a 50g pot of Quaker Oats So Simple Porridge costs 99p, where as 1kg of Tesco Value Porridge costs just 75p. This means that you can get 20 servings of Tesco Value Porridge for 24p less than the cost of a single serving of Oats So Simple Porridge. Crazy right?

The following table contains your daily recommended allowances per 100g of food. As you can see, the Oats So Simple Porridge contains a high amount of sugar and a medium amount of salt, compared to the Tesco Value Porridge which is extremely low.

How To Stick To Your New Diet

This simple comparison highlights how you can lose weight and eat healthier, just by taking a little more time to prepare your food. Staying within the daily recommended guidelines will make a huge difference to your waist line and you don’t even have to stop eating the foods you like, you just need to be more aware of the foods nutritional values.

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Phillip Parker
Personal Trainer Cardiff