Pros & Cons of Online Personal Trainers

Online Personal Trainers are becoming increasingly popular and whilst I don’t offer an online Personal Training service in Cardiff, it is something that I get asked about a lot. An online Personal Trainer is different because they give you help and advice with your Fitness and Nutrition, without ever actually meeting up. Everything is done over the internet.

An online Personal Trainer can be cheaper than a traditional Trainer and therefore the question I get asked the most is “Are they any good?”. My response is always the same, because there are Pros and Cons to everything. In this article I’m going to explain the pros and cons of working with a Personal Trainer online, so that you can decide if they’re right for you…


An online Personal Trainer is more convenient for many people, because you can often access their services at more flexible times.

Sessions with a face to face trainer can be difficult for some people, because they may have a busy lifestyle and not want to be tied down to arranging specific times for their sessions.

There are some Personal Training websites that charge you a low monthly fee for access to premium content on their website. The fee is often much cheaper than the cost of a Personal Trainer and it gives you the opportunity to gain access to a wide range of information that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Premium content websites also tend to have open communities where users can share their experiences of working with the Personal Trainer. These communities are great for gauging the quality of the service that you are likely to receive.


The biggest problem with using an online Personal Trainer is the potential for user error. Without having someone there in person to watch you work out, it is impossible to be sure that you are using the correct techniques. Using the wrong techniques can lead to a lack of results and often injuries. Of course they could use video chat to assess your technique, but you will naturally look to cut corners when you become tired and it’s a Personal Trainer’s job to ensure that you continue to work out with the correct technique, even when you are feeling tired or out of breathe. Without them being there in person, you cannot guarantee that you’re having an effective work out, every time you work out.

Good Personal Trainers should be constantly tweaking your fitness and nutrition programme, to ensure that it is constantly evolving to suit your improved health and fitness levels. It’s very difficult for them to get a sense of exactly where you are when it comes to fitness and nutrition, if they are not around to see you progress.


An online Personal Trainer will suit the needs of many people who have busy lives, but in all my years of experience working as a Personal Trainer in Cardiff, I would say that the biggest benefit of having a Personal Trainer, is the motivation and support that they can give you. There’s absolutely no substitute for this and it’s absolutely essential if you want to reach your Fitness goals.

It’s very easy to cancel an online Personal Training session if you’re too busy or can’t be bothered to do it, but it’s a lot more difficult to cancel a Personal Training session which is booked in with a trainer who you’ve build a great rapport with. This emotional commitment to attending sessions is one of the key reasons why I believe a traditional Personal Trainer is a much better option than an online Personal Trainer.

When you work with a Personal Trainer online, you miss out on the motivation that they bring. They are able to push you to your limits and identify when you need time to recover. No amount of online training or video chat can achieve this. It needs to be done in person.

Think back to when you were a kid and you were struggling to swim a length in a swimming pool or maybe you have taken part in a 5k or 10k run in recent years. Remember the feeling you had when someone gave you encouragement to keep going? Your body instantly receives a boost in energy from encouragement and this motivational element is what a Personal Trainer can give you and it can only be achieved in person.

I hope you found this article useful. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like more information on my Personal Trainer service in Cardiff.

Phillip Parker
Personal Trainer Cardiff