Sarah’s Personal Training Testimonial

I’ve always enjoyed staying fit and keeping active but having kids makes it difficult to find time to work out. Before having my son I would regularly go to the gym after work and play sports with my friends, but this becomes very difficult when you have kids because you don’t have that much spare time.

I wouldn’t change having kids for the world, but as a working Mum it’s really difficult to stick to diets and make time to go to the gym. Takeaways and convenience foods are far too easy to rely on and organising childcare can be a nightmare.

Before I fell pregnant I was a size 8, but I quickly rose to a size 14 within 6 months of having my first son. This happened because I didn’t have time to work out and I wasn’t eating the correct foods. I tried a bunch of diets but I always found them tough to stick to because they either took too much time to prepare or they left me feeling tired and hungry. I went from being confident and happy with my appearance to feeling completely insecure with the way I looked.

A few months after my son’s 1st birthday myself and my partner thought it would be a good idea to book our first family holiday to Spain. Initially I was excited, but I soon started to feel nervous over the prospect of having to wear a Bikini in public for the first time. How would I be able to enjoy spending time on the beach and in the pool with the kids if I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin?

I didn’t want to deprive my family of having a holiday in the Sun, so I decided to take action by seeking the help of a Personal Trainer. I knew that a Personal Trainer would be perfect for me because I struggle to stick to diets and I couldn’t find the time to go to the gym. I needed motivation and I needed someone invested in me as a person. If I knew that someone cared about my progress, I knew I wouldn’t want to let them down and after searching Google for a Personal Trainer in Cardiff I decided to go with Phill because he was one of the top results and he seemed very experienced.

At first I was nervous about working with a Personal Trainer so I decided to test the water by booking a trial session with Phill. It was perfect because it was half the price of a normal session and it gave me the opportunity to see if Phill was the type of person that I felt comfortable with.

Within 10 minutes of our session starting, it was like we had known each other for years. He did a great job of putting me at ease and making the session fun. I went from feeling insecure about my appearance, to completely forgetting about the way I looked whilst I was pushed to work harder than I ever thought would be possible. That’s what I really like about Phill. He pushes you hard, but not too hard. He takes you further than you would go by yourself, but not far enough that the sessions become too hard. He does a really great job of taking you right to the edge of your limits, so that you feel an incredible sense of achievement at the end of every session.

I made it very clear to Phill when we first met that I wanted to lose weight and drop a few dress sizes. He explained to me that he would help me do this with a fitness and nutrition plan that would enable me to lose weight in a safe and controlled way that wouldn’t leave any nasty stretch marks. I was very grateful for this because I had no idea that losing weight too fast could cause stretch marks.

I also like how Phill gives you practical ways in which you can lose weight by eating the right foods. He doesn’t change your entire diet overnight or give you recipes that would take too much time to prepare. Phill makes slow, gradual changes to your diet that soon become a way of life. Phill’s nutrition plans are great for helping you lose weight in a way that won’t leave you feeling tired or hungry. They’re also great because they’re suitable for the whole family, which means your kids get a more balanced diet.

Since working with Phill 8 months ago I have dropped from a size 14 to a size 10. I also have much more energy, much more confidence and I find it a lot easier to concentrate. I also like how Phill can come to my home and train me if I can’t find a baby sitter and how my friends and partner can join in on sessions without having to pay anything extra.

Sarah from Cardiff