Tabata In Personal Training Sessions

I recently gained my qualification in Tabata training and I’ve been incorporating the new techniques that I’ve learned into my Personal Training sessions in Cardiff.

Tabata is a high intensity workout that mixes intense workout routines with short intervals. This creates the perfect anaerobic exercise because you’re constantly being pushed to your limits, before giving your body just enough time to recover. This method is repeated in Tabata training and it results in improved cardio, a healthier heart and a larger lung capacity. Tabata is a great way to improve your fitness levels because your body is constantly being pushed to it’s limit, before being given a short window in which to recover. This means that your body trains itself to recover faster.

Mel is one of my long term customers and she’s already physically fit. I wanted to see just how tough even my fittest clients would find a Tabata workout and as you can see in the video above, it definitely isn’t easy!

Tabata is a very misleading workout because it doesn’t look that difficult, when in actual fact it is! I can tell you from personal experience, Mel is very physically fit, but as you can see in the video, she was struggling to complete this Tabata workout which was only 4 minutes long!

As a Personal Trainer in Cardiff, I’m always looking for new techniques that I can introduce into my Personal Training sessions. This ensures that my sessions are always fun and full of variety!

Tabata is a great workout and I’m thinking of running a weekly Tabata class in Cardiff. If you’re interested in attending a class, please get in touch. This will help me to gauge whether or not there is enough interest. If you’re not interested, but you know someone who might like to attend, please share this page with them! I’ve got a couple of handy links just below this article which make it easy to share this web page directly to your Facebook or Twitter profiles. Alternatively you can email people a link directly from this page.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this post about my Personal Training sessions in Cardiff, I really appreciate it!

Phillip Parker
Personal Trainer Cardiff